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Airsoft Grenades, Mines and Shells offers a wide selection of specialty weapons such as 40mm grenades, hand grenades, sound grenades, foam rockets and more. These weapons give you the opportunity to add a tactical advantage to your gameplay. We have replacement shells, pins, tripwires and any other accessory you might need as well. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll help you find it.

Grenades, Mines and Shells in an Airsoft Event

Many events restrict the use of grenades and mines. Even if you use them infrequently in games, they’re still a blast to play with.

Depending on the type of grenade you have available, your tactics will change. If you’ve got a grenade launcher, using the right rounds will allow you to fire up to 120 BBs causing a shower of suppressive fire. This works great for cover fire or gaining a mental advantage over enemies that you already have pinned down. If you opt to use a grenade launcher, you will need to stock extra BBs. Assume you’ll shoot ten to twelve grenades per day. Make sure to take enough BBs to cover that usage in addition to your standard amount of BBs.

Sound grenades are perfect for running distractions for an extraction or creating cover. It can also be used to induce one of nature’s base instincts: fear. The core of the sound grenade is reusable, but each detonation requires a CO2 cartridge and a shell. If you’re going to use sound grenades as a standard part of your tactics, make sure you bring plenty of spare consumables in addition to your standard stock. Assume you’ll use 6 per day of engagement.

If you’re using a timer grenade, you can do a lot of damage to a lot of enemies very quickly. Timer grenades are useful because you can throw it into a room that you know you can’t clear with the number of people you have or you can throw it out of a room into a group that’s doing the clearing. Most timer grenades are completely reusable, they just need refilled with BBs and their proper propellant.

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