Echo 1 GAT AEG Airsoft Electric Full Auto SMG Sub Machine Gun

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Echo 1 GAT AEG Airsoft Gun


  • Operation: AEG
  • Gearbox: Custom
  • Velocity: 330 FPS
  • Range: 180 Ft
  • Ammunition Size: 6mm/8mm
  • Ammunition Weight: .12g/.20g/.25g
  • Build Material: Metal/Plastic
  • Color(s):Black/
  • M110 spring
  • Torque motor
  • Lipo ready


  • Echo 1 GAT
  • 2 Magazines
  • Battery and Charger


The newest addition to Echos airsoft line is the GAT. (General Assault Tool). This gun is compact, sleek and deadly. If you are looking for a fun gun to run in the field, not many people have this is your gun. The gearbox is a custom build and size due to the size and nature of the gun build. It has reinforced gearbox with steel gears, and a standard torque motor. The body is half metal and polymer plastic for durability. Another cool feature is that it comes with a MadBull bucking! Also the battery is housed in the froward hand grip so no need for a PEQ box or trying to find a place to put the battery.

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