Airsoft Shotguns

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Airsoft Shotguns

At, we carry a wide selection of high powered airsoft shotguns. A majority of our airsoft shotguns are pump action and most are spring operated. You can choose from both single shot and multi-shot shotguns in a variety of sizes and designs. We also carry several full metal airsoft shotguns that provide a realistic feel and are extremely durable. If you are in the market for a tactical airsoft shotgun, don't worry, because we carry numerous airsoft shotguns featuring everything from rail systems to adjustable stocks. In addition, we carry a number of sawed off airsoft shotguns too. A sawed off airsoft shotgun is incredibly effective when you're in close quarters combat as they are easily maneuverable and can easily be stored or carried when not in use.

Shotguns in an Airsoft Event

Shotguns are widely believed to be good for training and very little else. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason that many military units and law enforcement agencies use tactical shotguns in a CQC situation is because they’re small, lethal, and can be used with surgical accuracy. In a real world situation, a shotgun will be chosen over a handgun in CQC every time. You should use your shotgun as your primary when clearing a building or coming in close range of your target. It’s suggested that you still use your primary rifle while in an urban environment until you’re ready to start room clearing.

When choosing an airsoft shotgun, remember that some events may restrict a multi-shot. We suggest that if you’re just starting out you should use a single shot. The reason is that you’re less likely to be restricted on this type of gun. Once you get the feel of how to properly use a shotgun at an airsoft event, you’ll want to upgrade to a multi-shot for the events that allow them.