Elite Force Full Metal 1911 Tac CO2 Blowback RIS Airsoft Pistol

Elite Force

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  • Capacity: 14 Rounds
  • Velocity (Approx): 330-360 FPS W/ .20g
  • Range (Approx): 150+ Ft
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Scale: 1:1 (Full Size)
  • Weight: 2.2 Lbs
  • Ammo: .20g, .25g, .28g
  • Full Metal Body
  • CNC Machined Slide & RIS Rail
  • CO2 Blowback Operation
  • Drop Free Magazine
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • Functional Rear Handle Pressure Safety
  • Anti-Slip Grips
  • Sequential Serial Numbers
  • Semi Automatic
  • Opening Breach Way
  • Working Skeleton Hammer
  • Working Safety
  • Front & Rear Sights
  • 14mm Counter Clockwise Threaded Barrel


  • Elite Force 1911 Tac CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol
  • Metal CO2 Magazine
  • Allen Wrench
  • Protective Gun Retail Box
  • Complete Product Instructions
  • BBs
  • 60 Day Warranty


The new Elite Force 1911 Tac CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol was designed for high performance and is realistic down to the last detail. This airsoft M1911 Tac comes in a very attractive Tan/Black professional finish! Elite Force had this manufactured to 1:1 specs from solid metal with a very strong recoil. A modern design based off the USMC's M1911 service pistol. The blowback action is very heavy, making it very appealing to Mil-Sim players! The slide is CNC machined with a very tasteful serrated front end finish. The tactical integrated RIS rail will fit lasers, flashlights, and more from our accessorizes page. Combat sights were also integrated into this airsoft CO2 pistol to give its shooter high visibility with quick target acquisitioning! The Elite Force 1911 Tac is not just an airsoft pistol but also can be used for law enforcement / military training level training. The high rate of accuracy combined with the overall punch it packs is impressive! The Elite Force 1911 Tac comes with everything needed and more when you are looking to upgrade from a standard 1911.

Extra Information

Elite Force

    25 Reviews

  • Posted by gabriel hansen on Jul 12th 2016


    elite force 1911 tac

    was a great gun loved it grouping was amazing. you will probably need to buy another mag or 2

  • Posted by Lambchop11 on Feb 2nd 2016


    Elite Force 1911 Tac

    Amazing pistol!! Has a lot of weight and feels like great quality. I do recommend picking up some more mags because it is very hard to reload. The gun kicks harder than most real 22 pistols I've shot. The customer service I have to say isn't the best at AirRattle. I emailed them a week ago regarding my delayed shipping and never got a response. I would probably never order from them again but had no chose due to it being out of stock at all other retailers.

  • Posted by Anonymous on Jan 5th 2016


    Excellent Value

    We are very pleased with this purchase.

  • Posted by Adrian Lewis on Jul 27th 2015


    Great gun

    Just a great gun if you want a pistol get this one!

  • Posted by skynet airsoft on Feb 21st 2015


    Elite Force 1911 co2 blowback tac

    Good gun has a nice strong kick hard hit out of box hop up may need to be adjusted barrel is a bit wobbly nothing bad. I can get 4 mags from 1 co2. Be sure to get extra mags because you want to let one mag return to room temp after shooting it.

  • Posted by david brantley on Oct 11th 2014


    i want my 5%

    awesome gun. my friend has it and its just amazing between the fps and the blowback its sweet. I recommend it.

  • Posted by Jake sanford on Sep 13th 2014



    best gun ever

  • Posted by Noah on Sep 6th 2014



    The postal overal is great especially the recoil for it is barely noticable unlike on most co2 guns

  • Posted by david lopez on Aug 7th 2014



    I love the white sights the fps sounds good its awesome .